How big are the lots in the development?

The Fieldstone Estates consists of about 200 acres. The first 20 acres (about 10 acres on each side of the road) is dedicated to Patio Home lots. There are 10 lots which are approximately 100' wide by 150' deep. The remaining 180 acres are divided into seventeen Estate lots. Each Estate lot is a minimum of ten acres.

Is there a minimum house size?

Yes. The Estate lots require a minimum of 2,800 sq.ft. while the Patio Home lots require a 2,000 sq.ft. minimum.

Is there an owners association with annual fees?

Yes. The Fieldstone Estates Home Owners Association has fees, negotiated annually. These fees cover the Entrance and Street Lighting, Gate Operations, and Security Cameras, PLUS Complete Lawn Maintenance* for the Entrance. The Patio Homes enjoy the additional benefits of Complete Lawn Maintenance*.

Complete Lawn Maintenance*- This premium service includes, 1) Spring Pre-emergence herbicide, fertilize, lime application, 2) Mid Spring Weed Spraying, 3) Spring application of Pine Needles, 4) Dyed Brown Mulch application (Front Face Only), 5) Fall Herbicide Spraying, 6) Fall "Over seeding" - Aerate, Seed, Fertilizer, Lime application, 7) 32 weeks of Lawn Maintenance - Mowing, Trimming, Driveway and Walkway Blowing, and 8) Mid-Summer Shrub Trimming.

Are there restrictions on what type of house I can build?

The development is one of high quality housing. An Architectural Review Committee is in place to insure the homes meet or exceed the expectation of the development. This important topic can be viewed in more detail by clicking the Covenants and Restrictions menu item.